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Ryoji Ikeda, Vancouver, February 3rd

Vancouver’s first unmissable show of 2011. Part of the PuSh Festival. Lots of PuSH reviews will be appearing over at Kris’s Blog.

Other live music highlights in Vancouver’s immediate future include Swans at the Rickshaw on February 25th and Mount Kimbie at the Biltmore on March 31st.

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Robinson in Ruins


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Woebot – Monotron on a Bicycle

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Loop – Arc Lite

Loop – “Arc Lite”

November 28, 2010 at 9:00 am 1 comment

Robin Fox, Vancouver, Tonight!

Promises to be the highlight of this year’s New Music Festival.

Post-Rocktoberfest continues tomorrow.

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Post-Rocktoberfest: Main – Reformation (in More Than One Sense)

From Robert Hampson’s Facebook page:

“OK, so you won’t be entirely surprised by this from my recent posts. After much anguish and deliberation, I am resurrecting MAIN. I know it seems like going backwards, but I promise it won’t be. Yes, it will feature guitars for starters and yes I know the name is old, but I can’t find a new one I like…”

“Of course, I will still be releasing solo material as Robert Hampson, but the new Main guise will be full of surprises, hopefully some of my friends will come along and join in too… (?) Sort of a collective so to speak (I hope). Anyway, let’s see where this all leads eh? A new adventure, but never forgetting the path…”

Thanks to Last FM user FeedTheCollapse for the tip-off. Thanks Brett!

Main – “Spectra Decay”

Main – “There is Only Light”

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Fennesz – Live Footage & Interview

Thanks to the ever-reliable Solar Flares for flagging this one up.

Post-Rocktoberfest resumes tomorrow.

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Kate Bush – The Whole Story

Shockingly, Kate Bush’s greatest hits video collection is not officially available on DVD (although it did come out on laser disc!) For Kate we wait. In the meantime, here’s the complete tracklisting, YouTube style.

Bubblegum Cage III will return in a month or so, with Post-Rocktoberfest 2010.

1. Wuthering Heights

2. Cloudbusting

3. The Man with the Child in His Eyes

4. Breathing

5. Wow

6. Hounds of Love

7. Running Up That Hill

8. Army Dreamers

9. Sat in Your Lap

10. Experiment IV

11. The Dreaming

12. Babooshka

13. The Big Sky

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Quiet City (An Apology)

This here blog totally meant to promote the latest Quiet City event to grace Vancouver’s nightlife. Unfortunately, a case of collective amnesia afflicted the massed ranks of Bubblegum Cage III’s editorial staff and we just plain forgot about it.

August 13th? Shit! Didn’t blog it. Didn’t even remember to go. Motherfucker!

Luckily, the ace photographer Steve Louie is still attending absolutely every local show that happens in town, so we were – at least – able to feast our eyes on some photographic evidence of the event. Better still, the videos embedded within this post capture Pink Island’s performance in all its audio-visual glory.

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Ryoji Ikeda – Datamatics

Sorry for the recent lack of proper content. Major Max/MSP project in progress. Hard to concentrate on anything else, when you’re in that mind-frame. Normal service will be resumed, though. In the meantime, thanks to Solar Flares for this vid!

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