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Aerosol Constellations + Fieldhead with Ora Cogan + connect_icut, Vancouver, Nov 12

Aerosol Constellations - Blim Nov 12

Aerosol Constellations - Blim Nov 12

Aerosol Constellations
Fieldhead with Ora Cogan

Blim, 115 East Pender, Vancouver
Friday November 12th
$8–10 sliding scale

Facebook event
Last FM event

Aerosol Constellations – “Vii-Ii”

Fieldhead – “I’m Fond of Maps”

connect_icut – “Phil Slows the Dave Down”

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Robin Fox, Vancouver, Tonight!

Promises to be the highlight of this year’s New Music Festival.

Post-Rocktoberfest continues tomorrow.

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Quiet City, a Reminder

Quiet City October 2010

Quiet City October 2010

Don’t forget about this!


Also: this or more specifically, this.

And – coming soon – this.

Oh and happy birthday Dan!

Post-Rocktoberfest continues tomorrow.

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Secret Pyramid – Live in Vancouver Tonight!


Secret Pyramid - Vancouver Oct 9

Secret Pyramid - Vancouver Oct 9


Secret Pyramid – “Milk & Honey”

Post-Rocktoberfest continues tomorrow.

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Quiet City, Vancouver, October 15th

Quiet City October 2010

Quiet City October 2010

Filip Gorecki
Hong Kong Soap Operas
Prophecy Sun

Blim, 115 East Pender, Vancouver
Friday October 15
$8–10 sliding scale

“Quiet City is a series of deep-listening concerts in Vancouver, focused on live performances of experimental, electronic and
improvised music in a comfortable and intimate setting. Proceeds from these events are donated to help fund CFRO Coop Radio, and we’re
giving away copies of the Audio Art compilations produced by CRES Media Arts Committee. Come out and show your support community radio!”

Gunshae – “Sesha”

Quiet City organizer Scant Intone and friends (including connect_icut) will be doing a rather special radio art performance earlier that same day. More details when we get them or you can watch this space for updates.

Scant Intone – “Empty Seed”

And then there’s this…
Aerosol Constellations
Blim, 115 East Pender, Vancouver
Friday November 12
Add it to your Last FM calender!
Do whatever weird stuff it is people do on Facebook!

Fieldhead – “I’m Fond of Maps”

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Quick Decibel Festival Reviews

Decibel Festival 2010

Decibel Festival 2010

The massed editorial staff of Bubblegum Cage III just got back from Seattle and – frankly – we don’t have a lot of time on our hands, so let’s get a move on, shall we?

Rafael Anton IrisarriAKA The Sight Below and one of the organizers of the festival, apparently. Lovely guitar-and-laptop business. Kept it short and sweet.
Lawrence English – The Room40 label boss turned in an excellent set but he certainly wasn’t as concise as Rafael Irisarri. Went on a bit and also attempted a seamless transition into Grouper, which fell a bit flat.
Grouper – Ah but when Liz Harris picked up her guitar and started to sing, the evening really took off. Boy does she ever have a knack for making apparently vague, slurred melodies hit home with absolute precision. Uncanny!
Ben Frost – Backed by a wall of guitar amps, Frost put in one of the more showy laptop sets of the festival. He favours brutal volume and dark themes but has the good taste and technical acumen to keep the sound crystal clear at all times. And those wolf sounds, corny on record, are genuinely terrifying live. Still, the none-more-intense, nature-is-cruel shtick does get a bit much after a while. The fact that he sites Ayn Rand as an influence and looks like the young Hitler doesn’t help.

Robert Henke
Seated at the center of the fancy Nordstrom Recital Hall, The Monolake man presented a set of unusually lucid dark ambiance. His visuals involved fading black-and-white images into each other, using some crazy Jitter filter that superimposed the texture from the emerging image upon the outline of the present one. Stark and impressive.
Murcof – Got a standing ovation for his rather mediocre set of tepid, modern-classical-tinted electronica. Goodness knows why. Terrible visuals-y visuals, too.
Mark Van Hoen – The ex-Seefeel and Locust fellow began with a few pieces of jaw-droppingly brilliant video-sample collage, before complaining that his computer wasn’t “responding” properly and going on to do some more standard (but still brilliant) music-with-video pieces. At the end of his set, he stomped away, looking displeased. One of the highlights, nevertheless.

Shlomo – Flying Lotus and Burial have a lot to answer for, don’t they? Goofy, lumbering stoner beats.
Teebs – Part of Flylo’s gang, rocking hyper-compressed psychedelic beat-scapes. Not bad. Got the crowd of Friday night drunks moving a bit.
Headhunter aka Addison Groove – Gutless and brainless amalgam of electronic dance music’s most mind-numbing cliches. Needless to say, the crowd loved it.
Mount Kimbie – And this is why it was worth sitting through Headhunter. The post-dubstep duo’s first North American date, apparently. Bits of playful live instrumentation (and vocals!) plus plenty of dub chaos made this wonderfully casual set reminiscent of the Mouse on Mars boys at their best. Seemed to confuse the party crowd, though, who only really got going when some rather heavy guitar riffing was brought in. Well, this was Seattle, after all.

Noveller –
Though we’re heartily sick of seeing avant rockers using those green looping pedals everybody seems to have, this was an undeniably skilled and affecting set of solo guitar atmospherics. Plus she had the best merch of the festival – psychedelic cat tote bags!
Fennesz – A torrential downpour of guitar noise and Mego-style laptop chaos. Pitched somewhere between Plus 47 Degrees and Black Sea, this was heaven for Fennesz fans. Lillevan’s live visuals made a superb match – layer upon layer of splashing, clashing, cascading liquids. Rafael Irisarri came on for an encore, which may have been a distortion-drenched version of “Endless Summer”. The show in Vancouver the next night was great too, though rather more hesitant.
Oneohtrix Point Never – The artist of the year. Daniel Lopatin seems to be moving away from his signature synth arpeggios, towards a more digital sound, centering on his Korg ES-1 sampler. This set moved from ominous drones to processed live vocals and ended with some of Lopatin’s mangled ’80s pop remix magic (aka “echo jams”). The visuals, by Killingfrenzy, were pitch perfect and genuinely dreamlike – snakeskin-textured visions of the city at night, morphing and trailing.


Mount Kimbie – “Mayor”

Oneohtrix Point Never – “Nobody Here”

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Fennesz! Live!

Fennesz! Live!

An important reminder to Vancouver residents: Fennesz is playing at the Western Front on Sunday, September 26th.

This is going to be the one must-see show of the year. If you live in Vancouver and you have even a passing interest in electronic or experimental music, you absolutely owe it to yourself to attend this event.

The tickets are available at the Front, exclusively (and only during office hours). The show is not yet sold out but the venue only has a 120-seat capacity, so don’t sleep on this one. Get down there and don’t miss out! And don’t forget to tell your friends!

As an added incentive, the opening act is the Bubblegum Cage III-approved duo of Scant Intone and Souns. Seriously, who would miss a line-up like this? Well, maybe someone who was going down to Seattle to see the Moritz Von Oswald Trio at the Decibel festival.

Fennesz w/ Scant Intone + Souns
September 26, 2010, 8PM
The Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver
Admission: advance $20/$15, door $25/$18

Fennesz – “Caecilia”

Fennesz – “Szampler [extract]”

Scant Intone – “Empty Seed”

UPDATE: Turns out the Moritz Von Oswald Trio has had to cancel its Seattle show, so now there really is no excuse!

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Quiet City (An Apology)

This here blog totally meant to promote the latest Quiet City event to grace Vancouver’s nightlife. Unfortunately, a case of collective amnesia afflicted the massed ranks of Bubblegum Cage III’s editorial staff and we just plain forgot about it.

August 13th? Shit! Didn’t blog it. Didn’t even remember to go. Motherfucker!

Luckily, the ace photographer Steve Louie is still attending absolutely every local show that happens in town, so we were – at least – able to feast our eyes on some photographic evidence of the event. Better still, the videos embedded within this post capture Pink Island’s performance in all its audio-visual glory.

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Music for Lunch Breaks Live II

Walk In/Here You Are

Walk In/Here You Are

From the Walk In/Here You Are blog:

“Friday August 27th @ 9:00

Kellarissa is Larissa Loyva, a musician from Vancouver, BC. Utilizing a loop pedal and her prized synthesizer, Candied Yam, Kellarissa attempts to recreate the music she hears in her head. Kellari…ssa is Finnish for “in the basement”. Think shag rugs, red lampshades, cocktail hour and muumuus. Kellarissa’s second album for Mint records is currently being recorded by Joshua Stevenson.

Joshua Stevenson – aka Magneticring – is a Sound Artist/Musician from Vancouver. Working primarily with vintage synthesizers and analog equipment, incorporating influences ranging from Javanese Gamelan, esoteric rock, early new agea and 60′s electronic music. A longstanding figure in Vancouver’s underground music scene, Joshua has performed, collaborated and toured with numerous artists/groups from Vancouver, New York City, Montreal, Portland and Finland. Currently he performs in Vancouver with group Von Bingen and appears on the Finnish group Kemialliset Ystävät’s new record released this month.”

Kellarissa – “Tiny Things”

Magneticring – “Live September 23rd 2007”

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Fennesz is Playing in Vancouver, September 26th



Heard a rumour about this and it’s on Last FM now, so it seems to be official. Unfortunately, the massed editorial staff of this here blog will probably be in Seattle that night, attending the Decibel Festival, so we might not be able to attend.

Edit: Full details on the Western Front site.

Fennesz – “Caecilia”

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