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Guest (Play) List: Malibu Creek

Malibu Creek

Malibu Creek

The first in a new series of mix CDs compiled by guest editors. This time, it’s the turn of Kris from Kris’s Blog. She’s come up with an ace collection of contemporary indie rock, the type of which might not seem out of place over at Raven Sings the Blues. Enjoy!

Click here to download Malibu Creek

Here’s the full tracklisting, with a few notes from the curator.

1. Kidnap Kids! – “Stories”
“Naivety and being slammered. Confident, odd and my favourite new band.”

2. Myelin Sheaths- “Everything is Contagious”
“Snappy rock song about the dangers of hand sanitizer.”

3. Cloud Nothings- “Can’t Stay Awake”
“Sam doesn’t think it sounds cool enough to be on Carpark but it is. Child prodigy plays fuzzy pop.”

4. Apollo Ghosts – “Hub City”
“Complex and oh-so-vibrant pop songs.”

5. Panda Bear – “You Can Count on Me”
“The best thing to come out of Animal Collective. Good for driving and sleeping.”

6. Dirty Projectors – “As I Went Out One Morning”
“I admit they are awesome.”

7. Computer Magic – “The End of Time”
“Eighties-esque synth pop with clarity and glitchy sounds.”

8. Dum Dum Girls – “Jail La La”
“Good for her!”

9. Black Tambourine – “Throw Aggi Off the Bridge”
“Absolute classic under-achiever band I missed the first time.”

10. Warpaint – “Undertow”
This Nirvana riff is darkly hypnotic and wonderful.”

11. Woods – “The Dark”
“This B-side is my favourite Woods song. No freak outs.”

12. Sic Alps – “Do You Want to Give $$?”
“New song is good.”

13. Reading Rainbow – “Tough Love”
“Harmonic and dreamy.”

14. Juvenile Hall – “High on Drugs”
“Lo-fi Vancouver punk girls.”

15. Bare Wires – “Teen Witch”
“Not such original garage rock but who doesn’t love teen witches?”

16. Ty Segall – “Girlfriend”
“So catchy I can only love it.”

Click here to download Malibu Creek

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