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Another New Not Me 2011 12s EP

Not Me - flt 2011

Not Me - flt 2011

Vol. 3: flt 2011 (CSAF131DL)

Featuring mixes by Kuma, Esperik Glare and connect_icut. Kuma’s mix is a (post-)dubstep banger that will delight fans of the big fluffy bear’s acclaimed bass-heavy productions. The connect_icut “Ill Mix” features an unwitting guest appearance from a legendary rapper. The connect_icut/Kuma collaboration was produced by connect_icut using elements of Kuma’s remix but none of the original “flt” samples! The Esperik Glare mix is dark, abstract, complex and yet oddly beautiful.

Side A

1. Kuma Tope Suicida Remix (6:24)

2. connect_icut Ill Mix (5:50)

Side B

1. connect_icut/Kuma Once Removed Mix (5:30)

2. Esperik Glare Remix (3:55)

DOWNLOAD 2011 12s Vol. 3

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connect_icut – Let’s Hear it for the Vague Blur [Remastered] (Panospria) download

connect_icut - Let's Hear it for the Vague Blur [Remastered]

connect_icut - Let's Hear it for the Vague Blur


connect_icut – “The Left Hand of Darkness”

Here are the full details from the label:

“A varied selection of science fiction-inspired soundscapes. Sampling everything from classic hip-hop to birdsong to black metal, this is connect_icut at his angriest and most uncompromisingly abstract.

Let’s Hear It for the Vague Blur is the result of two years-worth of hard work that connect_icut stumbled through after completing his previous album, They Showed Me the Secret Beaches. The aim was to make darker, more complex material that was made entirely with custom-built software, using no plug-ins, hardware devices or other ‘short cuts’. After a series of disastrous technical decisions, the project was finally abandoned. The best material from the sessions was salvaged and released as a low-grade download, which did little justice to the quality of the material. Panospria is proud to present this high-quality release of Vague Blur, gloriously remastered by Joshua ‘Magneticring’ Stevenson.”


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CSAF 10-20 2010 Vols. 14, 15 & 16

The last three entries in CSAF Records’ 10-20 2010 series…

connect_icut - Garbo Sings

connect_icut - Garbo Sings

VOLUME 14: connect_icut – “Garbo Sings” (CSAF127DL) 16:38
Like several of the 10-20 2010 releases, “Garbo Sings” is an outtake from Blonde Sound, a connect_icut album that, at the time of writing, is nearing completion. This one really showcases connect_icut’s increasingly structured approach and it was very, very nearly included on the album’s track-list. In the final analysis, though, it was just too damned epic to be kept within the confines of a mere long player. It had to be set free, online. Seriously, this is 17 minutes of huge!
Download in .zip format
Listen online


Not Me - lss (Example)

Not Me - lss (Example)

VOLUME 15: Not Me – “lss (Example)” (CSAF128DL) 11:04
As 2010 comes to an end, “lss (Example)” points to the future of CSAF, generally and Not Me, specifically. It’s taken from a demos album released to provide guidance to participants in the 2011 12s project, a series of “virtual 12-inch singles” featuring new remixes of Not Me material, from an as-yet-unspecified selection of artists. In and of itself, this is probably the deepest, darkest and most accomplished Not Me track so far, mixing elements of minimal techno, dubstep and glitch.
Download in .zip format
Listen online

Old Wyoming - Your Violent Nature

Old Wyoming - Your Violent Nature

VOLUME 16: Old Wyoming – “Your Violent Nature” (CSAF134DL) 11:59
Old Wyoming is the new project from Brad Lynham of Empty Love. “Your Violent Nature” is a truly serious piece of heavyweight analogue drone. Recorded and mixed on December 20th and 21st 2010, in Montreal.
Download in .zip format
Listen online

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CSAF 10-20 2010 Vols. 12 & 13

Two new entries in CSAF Records’ 10-20 2010 series…


Fieldhead - reference line

Fieldhead - reference line

Fieldhead – “reference line” (CSAF125DL) 10:00
From Last FM: “Fieldhead is P. Elam (formerly a resident of Leeds, UK, currently a resident of Vancouver, BC). Since 2008 he has produced ambient/electronic music that delights in tape hiss, geography, bleak landscapes and decaying analogue loops. He is also a full time member of Hood side project The Declining Winter and a part time member of Glissando’s Fleeting Glimpse Ensemble.” And according to the man himself: “‘reference line’ is a minimal, studio version of an improvised piece performed with Ora Cogan at Fake Jazz in Vancouver on September 1st 2010. As no recording was made of the performance, a recreation was made from memory.”
Download in .zip format
Listen online


hmbkr - Radio Majesty

hmbkr - Radio Majesty

hmbkr – “Radio Majesty” (CSAF126DL) 17:19
Vancouver-based quartet hmbkr features Scant Intone and connect_icut alongside members of coin gutter and the infamous Ejaculation Death Rattle (aka EDR). The hmbkr sound is based around real-time digital signal processing, unconventional tuning systems (specifically, just intonation) and the primal vocal stylings of EDR’s Ross Birdwise. “Radio Majesty” is an edited version of an improvisation performed in private at Vancouver’s VIVO Media Arts Centre. It represents the public’s first opportunity to experience the magic of hmbkr!
Download in .zip format
Listen online

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Not Me – “ntm (One Pad Mix)” (CSAF) download

Not Me - "ntm (One Pad mix)"

Not Me - "ntm (One Pad mix)"

Not Me’s “ntm (One Pad Mix)” is the latest in CSAF’s 10-20 2010 series of free MP3 downloads. Here’s what the label has to say about it:

“A hypnotic dub-techno epic. Recorded live in one take, using a half-finished Max/MSP patch, with only minimal post-production. All glitches are… if not exactly intentional, certainly welcome. Produced by connect_icut.”

You can download “ntm, (One Pad Mix)” for free, right now. You lucky bastards!

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connect_icut – Two Rios (Explosive Mix)

Walk In

connect_icut - Two Rios (Explosive Mix)

“Two Rios (Explosive Mix)”, the latest in CSAF’s 10-20 2010 series of free MP3 downloads, is an unedited recording of a rehearsal for connect_icut’s performance at the Vancouver Central Library as part of the Walk in Here/You Are installation. It began life as a purely generative piece, supplied for the installation (which also features audio from Loscil, Magneticring, Kellarissa, Circlesquare, Anju Singh and Brady Cranfield). The piece is very much sample-based and – as such – might be considered a sort of epilogue to Fourier’s Algorithm.

Download it from the CSAF website.

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Is it Worth Buying an iPad Just to Use it as a MIDI Controller?

Hexler's TouchOSC iPad App

Hexler's TouchOSC+ iPad App

For people who perform live digital electronica, Jazzmutant’s Lemur device is something of a holy grail. The Lemur is a fully programmable multi-touch MIDI controller, which essentially let’s you create whatever configuration of hands-on knobs and sliders you’d like to use to control your favourite audio software. The rub is that the Lemur costs around $2,000.

The price of the Lemur seems to have dropped considerably in recent months, which must have something to do with the threat posed to it by the Apple iPad. The first rumblings of this threat were heard when MIDI controller apps started to appear for the iPhone. The most popular of these apps seems to be Hexler’s TouchOSC system (which actually uses a standard called OSC, rather than the more common MIDI but it amounts to the same thing).

The iPhone doesn’t seem to pose much of a threat to the Lemur, simply because its control surface is so small. But with the release of the iPad, which is significantly closer to the size of the Lemur and which retails for as little as $550… well, you can see why Jazzmutant might want to drop the price of its device.

The iPhone version of TouchOSC apparently works very well on the iPad and Hexler is currently developing a new version (TouchOSC+) that will take advantage of the iPad’s increased size and resolution. For some of us, this makes the iPad pretty hard to resist. There are just a couple of problems.

First of all, a lower-end iPad has such a small storage capacity that it would be basically useless for anything else you might want to do with it. An MP3 player with only 16GB of ROM? Fuck that! If you were to buy an iPad that you could actually get your money’s worth out of, you’d be looking at spending more like a thousand bucks, after tax and warranty.

Second, the iPad can’t send MIDI or OSC directly to your computer – it has to go via a wireless router. This would essentially mean taking another piece of gear to shows, suffering some occasional time lag between the two devices and dealing with the hell of configuring wireless networks. The whole thing would probably be pretty unreliable too. Basically, wireless sucks and the fact that you can’t just send the messages via a USB cable is fucking ridiculous.

Actually, depending on who you ask, it may be possible to create a “computer-to-computer network” between a Mac and an iPad – eliminating the need for the router (and possibly the time lag). However, this is said to be even less reliable/stable than going through a router. It really would be nice if you could just plug the thing in. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any equivalent of the computer-to-computer network for PC users.

So, what to do? Probably, it’s a waiting game – waiting for the + version of TouchOSC, waiting for the price of iPads to drop and waiting for Apple to get over its idiotic obsession with making everything wireless. Having said that, Apple is unlikely to get over any of its idiocies any time soon and the thought of being able to build totally customized controllers for under $1,000 is still pretty tempting.

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connect_icut: Music for Lunch Breaks Live

Walk In

Music for Lunch Breaks

As part of of the aforementioned Music for Lunch Breaks series, connect_icut will be performing at the Vancouver Central Library (North Plaza) on Saturday July 17th. The performance will be at 9pm sharp. Afterwards, they’ll be showing The Sixth Day aka “that Arnold Schwarzenegger movie where the library gets blown up”. There is NO CHARGE for admission. It’s FREE!!

It’s going to be weird and (hopefully) awesome. Tell your friends.

connect_icut – “Two Rios (Extract)”

Add Music for Lunch Breaks Live to your Last FM calendar

Here are some more details, from the organizers:

Walk In/Here You Are
connect_icut & The Sixth Day
*Saturday July 17 at **9pm***
Please join us for the first in a series of summer movie and performance evenings at the Walk In/Here You Are installation on the North Plaza of the Vancouver Central Library.

For this event, we will be presenting a performance by local electronic music producer connect_icut whose music mixes generative processes and the creative use of digital audio errors with live improvisation and a vague pop sensibility. The performance will be followed by a screening of the Arnold Schwarzenegger film The Sixth Day, a sci-fi film about cloning, in which the Vancouver Central Library is prominently featured.

The events will start at 9pm. Bring a blanket or folding chair and enjoy the summer evening with us!

Walk In/Here You Are is a commission of the City of Vancouver Public Art Program. The project, by artist Christian Kliegel and curator Cate Rimmer, is an art work, a social space and a venue for visitors to engage with a curated program of videos, sound works and live performances by Vancouver artists.

Currently Here You Are Part 2, a program of videos by Kathy Slade, David Crompton and Andrew Herfst, Brady Cranfield, Ryan McKenna and Rodney Graham, is presented in the evening and Music for Lunch Breaks, ambient sound works by Scott Morgan, connect_icut, Joshua Stevenson, Larissa Loyva, Julia Marshburn, Anju Singh, Brady Cranfield, Alanna Tailfeathers, Andrew Herfst and Jeremy Shaw, is played during the day. Music for Lunch Breaks is co-curated by Brady Cranfield. The video soundtracks and ambient sound works can also be heard live around the installation on 94.9fm.

For more information please visit the City of Vancouver Public Art website or the Walk In/Here You Are page on Facebook.

*Please note: the event will be rescheduled if it rains.

Walk In/Here You Are
Vancouver Central Library, North Plaza
350 West Georgia Street

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Simple Time-Stretching Instrument for Max/MSP

Simple Time-Stretching Instrument

Simple Time-Stretching Instrument

Often, when a person starts programming in Max/MSP, the first thing he or she wants to do is build an instrument for “time-stretching” samples – increasing the duration of the sample, without altering its pitch. Many new Max users are perplexed to find that there is no native object in MSP that allows one to independently modify the pitch and duration of samples.

Probably the quickest way to remedy this is to grab Nathan Wolek’s Granular Toolkit – a set of external objects designed to enable various types of granular synthesis. The Toolkit includes an object called gran.groove.file~, which is essentially MSP’s standard sample looper, groove~, with independent pitch/duration augmentation built in.

This object has found its way onto quite a few connect_icut tracks but it’s never sounded quite right – a little tinny and washed out. Luckily, the Toolkit includes another object, called, which can be used in conjunction with groove~ for a rather punchier-sounding form of granular pitch/duration augmentation. The Max/MSP patch pictured above uses this technique. It was originally built as a simple stand-alone instrument and has since been integrated into the the main connect_icut Max/MSP set-up.

Here’s what it looks like inside…

The Guts

The Guts

The way it works is incredibly straightforward. The signal from a groove~ object is fed through the object and the controls are set up so that when the duration of the groove~ is changed, the does a little compensation and the pitch remains constant. Essentially, does this by busting the live signal up into a bunch of micro-loops (or “grains”), the pitch/duration of which can be adjusted independently.

The MP3 below is a demo of how the instrument sounds. It uses a sample familiar from connect_icut’s “Sea Bells on Sunday” and runs it through a bunch of presets with different durations, pitch-shifts and sizes of grain. You may notice that the particularly nice (or annoying, depending on how you look at it) thing about using the object is that it has a just-glitchy-enough sound and adds some nutty stereo panning.

connect_icut – “Time-Stretching Demo”

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Music for Lunch Breaks

Walk In

Walk In

The artist known as connect_icut has contributed an hour-long piece of generative music to a sound installation called Music for Lunch Breaks, which will be at the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, from June 18th. Other contributors include Scott Morgan (Loscil), Joshua Stevenson (Magneticring), Jeremy Shaw (Circlesquare), Larissa Loyva (Kellarissa), Anju Singh and Brady Cranfield.

Here are the full details:

“Walk In/Here You Are presents: Here you Are Part 2 and Music for Lunch Breaks
Please join us on Friday June 18th at 9pm for the launch of Here You Are Part 2 featuring video works by Kathy Slade, David Crompton and Andrew Herfst, Brady Cranfield, Ryan McKenna and Rodney Graham. We will also be celebrating the launch of a new programme of sound works Music for Lunch Breaks that will play within Christian Kliegel’s installation work Walk In during daylight hours throughout the year. The compositions are by Alanna Tailfeathers, Joshua Stevenson, Anju Singh, Jeremy Shaw, Scott Morgan, Julia Marshburn, Larissa Loyva, Andrew Herfst, connect_icut and Brady Cranfield.

Walk In/Here You Are
Vancouver Central Library North Plaza
350 West Georgia Street”

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