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Dream Rock & Noise Pop in Videos: Pale Saints – “Throwing Back the Apple”

Track 11 from volume one. This is a proper promo video and everything. 4AD always took that kind of thing seriously.

“Throwing Back the Apple” was this here blog’s one contribution to the “great guitar solos” debate that was rolling around our corner of the blogosphere recently. The solo in question is pretty interesting, coming from a supposedly “shoegaze” band, as it’s more about conventional musicality than textural manipulation.

The guitar tone here is a pure Rickenbacker chime. The thrill comes from the constant deferral  of melodic pay-off and the piling on of harmonic intensity. Each little melodic flourish seems like a feint; a false start delaying the ecstatic moment when the whole thing shoots sky high – which it actually does on more than one occasion. A truly classic solo, basically.

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Mix CD: Pirate Soundz Vol. 1

Pirate Soundz Vol. 1

Pirate Soundz Vol. 1

Pirate Soundz is a new series of compilations, which will provide an outsider’s view of the music that has emerged from London’s pirate radio culture over the last 20-or-so years. This first volume concentrates on the twinned inner cities of jungle and drum & bass. Generally, it eschews the more conventionally musical “progressive” drum & bass to examine the more eccentric aspects of hard-and-fast jungle. Experts in this area of endeavor are asked to go easy on the layperson-compiled tracklist but they are also encouraged to suggest alternatives, via the comments box.

Pirate Soundz Vol. 1 begins with a couple of tracks that demonstrate how ‘arkore rave music evolved into jungle, with increasingly complex splicing of sampled drum breaks taking over from swooping synths and sped-up vocal samples as the music’s main narrative element (Rufige Cru, Nasty Habits). If the compilation itself has a narrative, it’s something to do with rave’s descent from euphoria into paranoid ganja psychosis – with samples from then-contemporary US rap hits providing a crucial undertow (DJ Zinc, Elementz of Noise). Where a more explicitly progressive sensibility is in evidence, it comes – once again – through the elaborate, time-warped drum programming (Tek 9, Photek).

As ever, if you were involved in the creation or marketing/distribution of this music and you’re offended by its appearance on this compilation, just let Bubblegum Cage III  know and the decent thing will be done. For those of you who would like to do the decent thing yourselves by actually buying some product from the artists featured here,  it’s worth noting that two other comps were particularly helpful in the creation of this mix. The first was Routes from the Jungle, a 2CD collection put together for Virgin Records by Kevin Martin aka The Bug (available via Amazon). The second was Here Come the Drums, complied for Caipirinha by Wire magazine writer Peter Shapiro (available from Amazon). Both are well worth buying. Anyone who can provide alternative routes to actually pay for some of this music are encouraged to drop some links in the comments box.

Here’s the full track-listing for Pirate Soundz Vol. 1:

1. Rufige Cru – “Killa Muffin”

2. Nasty Habits – “Here Come the Drumz”

3. 4hero – “Wrinkles in Time”

4. Tek 9 – “A London Sumtin”

5. Boogie Times Tribe – “Dark Stranger”

6. Roni Size & DJ Die – “Music Box”

7. Photek – “Ni-Ten-Ichi-Ryu (Two Swords Technique)”

8. Omni Trio – “Thru the Vibe”

9. Optical – “Slip Thru”

10. Ed Rush – “Bludclot Artattack”

11. DJ Zinc – “Super Sharp Shooter”

12. Aphrodite – “Woman That Rolls”

13. Elementz of Noise – “Other Side of Town”

Download Pirate Soundz Vol. 1

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Dream Rock & Noise Pop in Videos: Slowdive – “Catch the Breeze”

Track ten from volume one. Seems like this is the official promo video.

But this live-on-TV  clip is more of a laff. A real timepiece – and look at those archetypal shoegazers snogging in the audience!

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Not Me – 2011 12s

Not Me - "ntm 2011"

Not Me - "ntm 2011"

Those of you who follow the CSAF recording company and the nebulous electronica entity known only as Not Me will probably know about the 2011 12s series. Doubtless many of you have already downloaded the first volume, which features a rather staggering remix from Loscil – that’s right, LOSCIL!

For those of you pitiful souls who aren’t in the know, here’s the deal. 2011 12s is a series of five “virtual 12-inch singles” by Not Me, mixing elements of minimal techno, dubstep and glitch. The series is scheduled to feature remixes by some of your favourite experimental electronica artists, including Fieldhead, Vincent Parker and the aforementioned Loscil.

CSAF and Not Me are putting out an open call to all of y’all. Artists who would like to get involved in the project are encouraged to submit their own mixes of the tracks as 320kbps MP3s. The label’s large and staggeringly bureaucratic A&R department can’t promise to use everything received but they’d love to hear what you come up with.

To get started, you can:

Download all the original sample loops used to make the 2011 12s tracks

Download an album’s-worth of Examples

Download an album’s-worth of Instrumental Demos

Volume one was released in late February and volume two is scheduled for release in early May. Here are the full details of the first volume.

Vol. 1: ntm 2011 (CSAF129DL)

Featuring a new remix by Kranky recording artist Loscil plus mixes by The Luminaries and connect_icut.

Things start off deep and ambient, with a truly stunning mix from Loscil – aka sometime Destroyer drummer Scott Morgan. CSAF is sincerely honoured to have an artist of Scott’s calibre contributing to this project.

The connect_icut mix brings in a sub-aquatic bass drum thump that will be instantly pleasing to fans of the Chain Reaction label. Finally, the Luminaries mix strips everything way down for a skeletal and downright funky 14-minute workout.

Full track-listing below, with embedded players for previewing the individual tracks. Click on the download link to get the whole darn thing as a single .zip file.

Side A

1. Loscil Remix (6:35)

2. connect_icut Three Pad Mix (7:10)

Side B

1. The Luminaries Somnolent Dancefloor Dub (13.56)

DOWNLOAD 2011 12s VOL. 1

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Dream Rock & Noise Pop in Videos: My Bloody Valentine – “Loomer”

Track nine from volume one. This is a fan video that sets “Loomer” to the “inner space” scene from 2001 – a startling obvious “idea” but it actually works rather well.

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hmbkr, Fake Jazz, March 18th, Vancouver

Fake Jazz March 18th 2011

Fake Jazz March 18th 2011

Andrea Lukic Presents Exhausted Monologues
Friday March 18th 2011, 8.30pm
The Western Front, 303 East 8th Avenue, Vancouver BC

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hmbkr – “Radio Majesty”

“An evening of fearless, underground experimentation by some of the doughtiest musicians in south-western BC. Guest curated by Jeremy Van Wyck, Bill Batt and Anju Singh creators of the dynamic and storied series.

Andrea Lukic Presents Exhausted Monologues
Performed by the bassist/vocalist of Nü Sensae, Andrea Lukic’s project is an unrelenting take on sampling and soliloquy. Through extreme repetition of frequencies, tones and cut-up dialogue customized to suit a variety of emotional states, the project is a mutated version of Exposure and Response Therapy often used by therapists to treat patients with OCD anxieties.

Victoria’s Soma Morse (audio) and Gerald Hogrefe (video) bring their own brand of multi-media experimentation with an audio-visual collaboration of abstract animation in interaction with harsh, atmospheric ambient and dense frequencies.

Finishing up the evening is a brand new supergroup of some of Vancouver’s foremost electronic mavericks. Members of Coin Gutter, connect_icut, Ejaculation Death Rattle and Scant Intone have formed a refined and cultivated approach to digital improvised audio. Their sound incorporates real-time digital signal processing, primal vocals and unconventional tuning systems (just intonation). This will be their debut live performance, with visuals courtesy of Julie Gendron.”

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Dream Rock & Noise Pop in Videos: Ride – “Chelsea Girl”

Track eight from volume one.

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Woebot – “Roger”

The new Woebot album (Chunks) is phenomenal. There will be a full review of that when time permits. For now, enjoy the video for “Roger”, the album’s opening track.

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Quiet City 7: March 11th, Vancouver

Quiet City 7

Quiet City 7


Friday, March 11th 2011, 9pm
W2 Storyeum – 151 West Cordova, Vancouver BC, Canada
(Note new venue!)

No UFOs – “Evidence/Century Park”

Quiet City is a series of deep-listening concerts in Vancouver, focused on live performances of experimental, electronic and improvised music in a comfortable and intimate setting.

Presented by W2 Community Media Arts, Soundscape on CFRO Co-op Radio & Panospria

And let’s not forget about the live debut of hmbkr, at the Western Front on the 18th. More on that soon.

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Dream Rock & Noise Pop in Videos: The House of Love – Destroy the Heart

Track seven from volume one. There probably was a promo video for “Destroy the Heart” but this here blog never passes up a chance to post a live clip from Snub TV.

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