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My Bloody Valentine Gift to You

There seem to be a couple of particularly legendary MBV bootlegs that have circulated on VHS over the years, one recorded at the University of London Union in 1989 and the other recorded in Amsterdam that same year. Not sure if either of these has ever been available on DVD. If so: do want. In the meantime, here are what highlights YouTube yields…

From the ULU bootleg:

“Emptiness Inside”


“(When You Wake) You’re Still in a Dream”

From the Amsterdam bootleg:

“Soft as Snow (But Warm Inside)”

“Cupid Come”

“I Can See it (But I Can’t Feel it)”

There’s definitely more stuff from the Amsterdam recording on YouTube, if you’re prepared to dig around. These three selections were chosen out of a desire to showcase songs the Valentines haven’t been playing on their reunion tours.

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Dream Rock & Noise Pop in Videos: Cocteau Twins – “Aikea Guinea”

Track two from volume one. Not sure if this a fan video or what.

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The Re-Ups: Abstract Audio Vols. 1-3

More re-uploads of old mix CDs, although none of these have ever really been available online before. In fact, volume three of the Abstract Audio series never even made it beyond the Bubblegum Cage III’s office stereo. Anyway, the important thing to know about these is that – other than the UK Post-Rock compilations – no mixes could be any closer to this here blog’s heart.

Roughly speaking, Vol. 1 surveys the late 90s/early 00s glitch sound (Oval, Fennesz, Ekkehard Ehlers & Stephan Mathieu etc.). It was originally circulated among friends as a CDR called Audio Classics Vol. 1, in April 2006.

Vol. 2 posits a kind of “post-glitch” scene (Mountains, Tape, Greg Davis etc.), which combined – and continues to combine – granular textures with bucolic acoustic instrumentation, in a fashion that recalls Fennesz and late-period Gastr del Sol. It was originally circulated as a CDR called Unplug, in February 2007.

Vol 3. investigates related sounds in a more immersive and rhythmically-focused context (Rhythm & Sound, Monolake, Gas etc.) This one was originally called Loscil Substitutes, which is the only available excuse for the fact that it doesn’t feature any music by Loscil. It was originally compiled as a lullaby of sorts for an unimpressed sweetheart. Maybe you’ll like it more than she did, dearest reader.

In summary then, we’re talking experimental electronica here, folks. And we love it! Track listings and download links below. Enjoy!!

Abstract Audio Vol. 1

Abstract Audio Vol. 1

Abstract Audio Vol. 1
1. Farmers Manual – “Mystery Cellar”

2. Fennesz – “Caecilia”

3. Oval – “Do While (Cut)”

4. Vladislav Delay – “Anima (extract)”

5. Basic Channel – “Mutism”

6. Alva Noto – Untitled (track 6 from Prototypes)

7. General Magic – “Temko”

8. Pita – Untitled (track 3 from Get Out)

9. Ekkehard Ehlers – “Plays Cornelius Cardew 1”

10. Stephan Mathieu – “Für Frans”

11. Stephan Mathieu & Ekkehard Ehlers – “Rose”

12. Fennesz – “Codeine”

13. Farmers Manual – “Final Lap”

Click here to download Abstract Audio Vol. 1


Abstract Audio Vol. 2

Abstract Audio Vol. 2

Abstract Audio Vol. 2
1. Sébastien Roux – “The Classical Guitar Song”

2. Giuseppe Ielasi – “Plans (extract)”

3. M. Rösner – “Decay”

4. Tsukimono – “Punked Up Fuck Attitude”

5. Tu M’ – “What You Say?”

6. 3/4HadBeenEliminated – “In Every Tree a Heartache”

7. Mountains – “Bay”

8. Tape – “Sand Dunes”

9. Hauschka – “Hauschkamp3”

10. Ogurusu Norihide – Untitled (track 2 from Modern)

11. Greg Davis – “Campestral (Textured)”

12. Chihei Hatakeyama – “Swaying Curtain in the Window”

13. Anders Dahl – “Hundloka (extract)”

14. Lawrence English – “Ghost Towns (extract)”

Click here to download Abstract Audio Vol. 2


Abstract Audio Vol. 3

Abstract Audio Vol. 3

Abstract Audio Vol. 3
1. Monolake – “Void”

2. Pan•American – “How Much Progress One Makes”

3. Rhythm & Sound – “Distance”

4. The Sight Below – “No Place for Us”

5. Biosphere – “Daphnis 26”

6. Basic Channel – “Quadrant Dub I Edit”

7. Vladislav Delay – “Raamat”

8. Deepchord Presents Echospace – “Celestialis”

9. Porter Ricks – “Biokinetics 2”

10. Gas – “Pop 2”

11. Vainqueur – “Elevation (Version 1)”

Click here to download Abstract Audio Vol. 3

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Dream Rock & Noise Pop in Videos: The Jesus & Mary Chain – “You Trip Me Up”

Track one from volume two.


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Woebot – “Argos”

Strongly suggests that the new (vinyl!) LP is going to be bonkers good. Is he “sampling” the iTunes visualizer here? Cheeky bugger.

February 1, 2011 at 5:05 pm 3 comments

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